City Limits Sheep Farm
2016 Shropshire Spectacular
CLSF 1621 RRNN    February Ewe lamb
Sired by Slack's Entourage

Keeping twin sister.  Maternal sister was
sold in 2014 at the National Sale that was a
class winner and sold for $900.  She will
make a nice futurity ewe lamb.
CLSF 1557  RRNN  Yearling Ewe
Sired by Avery's Ignite

Maternal sister was sold to Ashley Fuss at
last years National Sale.  She went on to be
Res. Grand Champion Ewe at N.A.I.L.E.
Junior Show.  Dam was a class winner at
2012 N.A.I.L.E. Junior Show.
CLSF 1454 QRNN  Yearling Ewe
Sired by VIP X-Cite

This ewe was in our show flock last year.  She was
2nd at Illinois and 3rd at Indiana.  Maternal sister
was sold last month at the National Sale for $1400.
CLSF 1643  RRNN  February Ewe lamb
Sired by Slack's Entourage

A maternal sister was sold in a previous National Sale
for $1300.  Dam was in our show flock.  This little gal
is loaded with muscle especially considering her mom
is one of our bigger ewes.  She will be fun to show
both this summer and next!
CLSF 1648  RRNN  February Ram Lamb
Sired by Slack's Entourage

Dam was Champion Ewe at 2015 Illinois State Fair.  Dam's
triple sister was the Best Headed Ewe and 2nd at 2015
National Sale which sold for $1900, Dam's full brother was
National Sale Champion Ram in 2014 and sold for $2200.  
Grandmother was a class winner at 2011 Ohio State Fair.  
Great grandmother was the 2009 National Champion Ewe.  
There are numerous other state fair champions out of this
family line.
CLSF 1534  RRNN  Yearling Ewe
Sired by VIP X-Cite

We call this girl Stella but you might want to call her  Rare Opportunity.  
She has stud ewe written all over her.  Her mom was the 2009 National
Champion Ewe.  She has had 14 lambs in her career so far including a
pair of tremendous March lambs this year.  Out of the 12 lambs prior to
this year, 7 of them have been state fair or national show winners.  We
have never had a ewe produce this well even considering she has
been bred to 3 different rams.  This is why we have 6 of her daughters
in our flock.  We have never offered one of her daughters for sale and
decided now might be the time to share the wealth.  At this point we
haven't totally committed to taking her to the Spectacular.  We have had
her marked for the Stars of Louisville sale this November but she may
be a substitute in this sale if CLSF 1454 doesn't make the trip.  If she
doesn't show up in Springfield, look for her in Louisville.