City Limits Sheep Farm
CLSF 7012 "Fine-N-Dandy"  
Sired by Knockout
  • Res. Champion Ram 2007 IL
    State Fair
  • Res. Champion 2008 WI State
  • Res. Senior Champion 2008
    National Show
Full Brother to Dandy (2006 National
Champion Ram) and HD (Res.
Champion Ram 2008 IN St. Fair)

1/2 Interest Sold to Jim
Gruenhagen/SS Shrops, IA

F-N-D died in early 2012.
Duke, Rife 04-142 (RR NN)

  • Our pick of Rife's stud rams,
    he was leased for 2008
    Spring Lambs as part of the
    Winn Dixie (CLSF 0629)deal.
CLSF 0835 "Bandit" RRNNP

Sired by Duke

He goes back to a Pardus Ewe on the dam side which is
the largest ewe family we have.  He sired the 2011
National Champion ram and the Res. National Champion
Ewe.  2012 offspring include the Champion Ram at the
2012 Ohio Classic, Champion Ewe at the National Sale
and Champion Ewe at the 2012 Ohio State Fair along with
numerous class winners.  Bandit has been a vital to our
success over the past few years.

We are using him for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 lambs.
Reference Sires:
"Outrageous" Whittaker 1004
Sire by Rife's Executive (Mojo son)

Champion Ram at the 2010
All-American Junior Show.  Purchased
jointly with Knepp Shropshires.  He is
being used on a few select ewes for
2012 lambs.
Rife's "Knockout"
High Selling Ram 2004 National Sale
Has Sired National Champions,
Sale Champions,and State Fair

Knockout's time has come and
gone, but after 7 lamb crops, his
legacy lives  on.
CLSF 1102 "Wild Thing" RRNNP

Sired by Bandit

2011 National Champion Ram

We are using him for  Spring 2013 lambs.
"X-Cite"  QRNN

We purchased this privately after the Ohio Classic.  We love is
color, bone, wool cover, rib shape and hip.  We are excited to see
lambs sired by this ram in the fall of 2013.